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2020年3月 7日 (土)

They love bath room.


Frogs can’tlive without water. Bathroom is wet area for our life. It also may be their most favorite place. We want to enjoy frog motif bath goods.


A chorus of frogs


You think that they look a chorus group of frogs,dont't you?  They are frog motif ashtrays. In real wetland when they croak they don't open their each mouse but vibrate their each vocal saks.



2020年2月 1日 (土)

We are frog athletes.


These are ceramic frogs made in Japan. Who do you cheer for in the frog athletes?



2020年1月25日 (土)

a rubber frog in our museum


This is a rubber frog like a flying frog living in Southeast Asia. But when a real flying frog moves from a tree branch to an another in a thick forest it makes parachute its web of each foot. 


2020年1月22日 (水)

Japanese ceramic bells in the 100-year frog collection museum


These are Japanese ceramic bells in the 100-year frog collection museum. In Japan originally were used as charms against evil influence. They had created as folk toys in the Edo period. We can see various designed ceramic bells with the own ceramic sound.